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GFL Kickoff 2017 - New Direction Unfold

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Our General Manager - Robert Cheung, presenting the new direction for the company.


Welcoming 2017

GFL's annual kickoff meeting for 2017 completed with success and amusement. The meeting was held on Jan 18 to 20 and offered an excellent opportunity for our team members to spend some quality time together.

The GFL team first met in our Guangzhou office on Jan 18. After a warm welcome by our Guangzhou team members, our General Manager - Robert Cheung presented us his idea for the company's future development. Starting in 2017, the company will adopt a new structure that will improve communication and give rise to clearer separation of responisiblity. These changes should strength our collaboration with both suppliers and customers. Such a close working relationship, both internal and external, is one of the key factors that helps us to achieve the company's growth targets we set for 2017 and onwards.

After a short stay in Guangzhou, we moved to Macau on the second day of our kickoff meeting. Macau, also known as the Las Vegas of Asia, provided us with loads of fun and entertainment. This was where our memorable trip ended. Nevertheless, the ending of this kickoff meeting only marked the beginning of 2017. We believe it will bring us even more great memories.

GFL team meeting in Guangzhou. GFL team meeting in Guangzhou.