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Industries Plastics & Artificial Turf Production

Application: Artificial Turf

DS 352 Fully Automatic Presicion Cross Winder
DS 200/200 G Air Texturising Machines


Application: Strap

VBW 1200/800/600 宽带卷绕机
VBW 800 A/VBW 600 A 全自动窄带卷绕机


Application: Web Material

DS 600 多功能分切机
SW 4E 窄带平行卷绕机
SW 500 平行卷绕机
SW 1000 SA 平行卷绕机
CSM 自動卷绕机
THD 高密度布卷绕机


PP - PET Strapping Tape Production Technology
Model: Technostrap

PET strapping tape is one of the more profitable solution at the problem of increasing polyester bottle waste generation. SIMA, with its world wide experience in this field, is far the most reliable partner for company operating in strapping tape production.

Thanks to SIMA technology you can re-produce day by day with precision, the best strap keeping under control all final quality parameters: dimensions, weight, elongation, allowing a perfect runnig and weldability both on automatic and manual strapping packaging machine.

The packaging market has already chosen PET strapping tape to substitute steel hoops for most of the applications, having comparable tenacity, better behaviour and cost. As well growing trend demand is coming from other industrial and geo-textile sectors.

"FROM BOTTLE FLAKES TO FINAL PRODUCT", is the best way to describe
the SIMA TECHNOSTRAP one step process. A technology that make possible to start from a 100% PET bottle flakes or PET recycled material to obtain a high add value commodity like STRAPPING TAPE.

Artificial Turf
Model: Techno Artifical Grass

Complete Extrusion Line for Artificial Grass Yarn


Artificial grass is the last wonder application of the pastic textile sector having worlwide demand with double growing trend.

Polypropilene, polyethylene, nylon are the basical raw material mainly used for producing yarn for sports, leisure & landscaping applications.

The artificial grass industry is a deep B2B market with a supply chain involving a broad range of process: polymer supplier, yarn producer, handling, tufting, up to field installation and maintenance.

All of these process are strategic to realize a first quality product and service.

In the artificial grass sector, SIMA put in place its wide experience on extrusion and handling process to develop complete turn key solution producing twisted bobbin yarn ready to be tufted.

Fibrillated ape, various shape monofilament mono and bi color/material, having technical features comply with sport associations standard (FIFA/UEFA) or simply accordindig to specific customer requirements, can be produced on SIMA synthetic grass equipments.

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