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Industries PAN Precursor

Precision Cross winder
Model: EW 500/800/1000

The precision cross winders of the type EW are used for winding precursor material (PAN) 3-70 K or for fibrillated fillets in a yarn count range up to 150.000 dtex directly from the extruder line.

The individual winding positions can be assembled to networked production lines. The compact design permits operation even in a confined space. The machine is designed for permanent operation.

Basic equipment:
Central operation terminal with visualised program operation. Check the actual production parameters of the individual winding positions or a summary of the whole lines. You also can set winding parameters and create and administer winding receipts. This results in short setting-up times.
Dancer control for constant thread tension and winding speed.
Electronic controlled and programmable diameter depending crossing ratio.
Special type of winding mandrel for easy doffing of the heavy winding packages.

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